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    Q: Who are the publishers featured on your site?

    We are currently featuring reports from the following publications:

        • - A global online subscription-based forecasting service, until now, only offered as an all-inclusive package.

        • Style Right - UK based forecasting, style and graphic trend books publisher.

        • International Textile Report – Paris based textile and fashion report magazine.

        • Focus on Denim – Denim report and trends from the European and Far East markets.

        • Agoodo Print books – An extensive collection of print books, now available online

        • Next Look Fashion Trends – Detailed and renewed series of fashion trend forecasting and trend analysis.

    Please note that our list of publishers will expand gradually over time.

    Q: Are you open to add more publishers?

    Yes. Our intention is to selectively add more publishers and brands that complete our offerings. Please contact for more information.

    Q: What is the process of becoming a publisher?

    If your publication or trend report is already offered in an online version, the process is simple and straightforward. Even if your reports are not currently offered in an online format, we can support you in the transition process for a setup fee, depending on the nature and scale of your content. Please contact for more information.


    Q: Are all your reports offered just in an online version, or can I also get a physical copy of the reports I purchase?

    Some of our reports (mainly the ones that originally began offline) are offered in a hard copy as well. Some of our reports (like several products by Pantone, etc.) are offered only as a physical copy.

    Q: What is the difference between a report and a series?

    A 'series' is an assortment of reports in one category. For example, you can choose to purchase access to coverage and analysis reports as a single report, or you may opt to purchase our Color & Textile Show Pass (series) featuring all the shows we cover in that area. A 'series' is always less expensive than the sum of all its individual reports purchased separately.

  • Q: Do the reports I buy get updated over time?

    Some reports (like a trade show coverage report) will remain as they were first featured. Other reports (like our retail coverage report or the catwalk seasonal series) are built gradually or offer periodic reporting over a given period of time. When you purchase this type of report or package series, you get access to all available reports at the time of purchase. You will additionally be notified as new reports are added to this package over time.

    Q: Can I view a report before I purchase it?

    We do not permit access to view the full report itself. However, we do offer a full preview of screen shots and a detailed description of what will be included. We also offer access to a full previous season's report in the same category, to give you a taste of the content and functionallity of the reports you are interested in purchasing.

    Q: I purchased a report on, now how can I view it?

    All purchased reports are available for online viewing in the "My Reports" section (see the link at the top right corner of the site). Once you have opened the report to view online, you have the option to additionally download the report in a PDF format for your personal use.

    Q: Can I print parts of a report? Is there a way to download a PDF copy?

    Yes, both options are available. Each page of the report is printable and we also offer the option to download the complete report in PDF format.

    Q: Can I download images & sketches appearing in the reports?

    Yes. All of the collages and images featured in the reports are available for download in high-resolution quality (up to 300 DPI). Vectorized sketches are also available for download in Illustrator (EPS or AI format).


    Q: How do I make a payment for the reports?

    All transactions are conducted online via a secure link to Paypal. We accept most major credit cards including: VISA, Master Card and American Express.

    Q: Are all sales final?

    Yes. Since the reports are viewed online and available for download, all sales are final and non-refundable.

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